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    Default Charlie the Tuna has been sighted off Westport!

    I was graciously invited to fish on the QuickFish out of Westport for the second Annual "Washington Tuna Classic". What a great time! All the fish were donated to NorthWest harvest Food Bank and many Wounded Wariors were invited to get abourd participating boats to fish for tuna and salmon all weekend long.

    Tuna to 34lbs were caught during the tourney with as many as 59 fish being landed on a single boat. The waters were very cooperative with little rise and a long time between swells but the water temps were hovering around 56-57 degrees in most areas...tuna do better a couple of degrees above that so consequently they proved a little scarcer and a might bitten harder to catch then if the waters warmed those few extra degrees. I expect that will happen throughout August. I remember Nor-east Tuna were best caught when in tee shirts and shorts. On the day of the tournament I had on a sweater, a raincoat and coveralls! So if you are going to go, search for warm water and ask others for the numbers as to where they found it.

    The tuna were caught on all the typical troll gear from rod or handline and deeper diving x-raps worked very well. Perhaps getting a few extra feet deeper than cedars and clones so the fish did not have to rise as far in there more subdued cold water state.

    Wind on leaders were great, cutting down on rigging time, allowing for more versatile rigging and minimizing break-offs. They are easy to use and helped to catch fish that probably would not have been caught otherwise.

    Stick with heavy trolling rods if you want to haul in a freezer full of fish but the Albacore averaged 19 pounds and were lots of fun on light live bait rods with not more than a 30lb rating. Spin sticks with straight 20lb are not too light and help get the extremely small chovies a little farther from the boat and consequently...bit a little sooner.

    Visit Doug's Bait and Tackle in Woodenville for some good Tuna and boat gear. Talk tuna with Mario V. who is really enthused about building up a great stock of gear for this fantastic fishery. If you need some Wind On Leaders, reel advice or reel tune ups PM me and I can help with that.
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    Good report thanks. Would be nice if you threw in how far out as well as compass readings or even some Lat and Long...
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