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    Default Best Rod Blank for Ulua fishing on Oahu.....

    Hello All,

    I'm looking to build a rod as a gift for my brother that lives in Kaneohe, HI. A.k.a. "the windward side" or a.k.a. "Pure Paradise". He says he fishing with a 13-14 foot rod for Ulua and slide baiting.

    What rod blank would be best for a Hawaiian Ulua fishing rod to go dunking and/or slide baiting with a length of around 13 feet?

    I built him a "whipping" stick for fishing Nenue. He said the rod doubled up and caught a really big buggah. The rod is the lightest that he has ever fished. I built the rod on a 1082 steelhead blank. The blank is really light plus the way I built it. I built it the way I build my Green Bass rods. Light as heck. You can't beat Batson Blanks. Plus, the locals on the islands respect Bill Batson and his blanks even more since he's a Local Haole.


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    It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to slide bait for Ulua. Eric & Michael at S. Tokunaga invited me to fish the Ulua tournament that they have every year but I have yet had TIME to do it>>we do sponsor the event and I do get my Ulua Challenge shirt>>Way cool designs they have. S.Tokunaga is the store back in the late 70's where my father bought me my first rod, we were visiting the island for a softball tournament>>sorry got carried away>>back to the question>

    We sell quite a few of the SUR1569F-M for that fishery.

    SUR1569F Matte Clear 13'0" 2 20-60 lb. 6-16 oz. 1.03 12.0 Moderate-Fast 17.0 oz. Surf / Cape Hatteras heaver / bait and eight rod $219.55.

    Glad to hear they like the whipping rod you built them>>that is a light rod for the application but fun>>good menepache rod also>>

    Thank you for your support>>
    Bill Batson

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    +1 for the SUR1569. here is the link

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    I already got pricing from Utmost where I plan on placing an order for that exact same blank and a SH1084 for a heavier Menpachi rod. My brother wants me to build two of them especially at the price that Utmost sells them at but I'm going to start with one at a time.

    Thank you Bill. All the locals like your rod blanks and like I said before. With you being a Local Haole. They respect that you know what kind of fishing they do on the islands.

    Thanks and see you at the WestCoast Rodbuilding Show.

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