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    I'm about to build the 7wt switch also, and am new to the whole 'extra long' rod biz. Am I to understand that I'll need two separate lines for overhead and spey casts? I can do some spey casts (poorly, but I'm new) with my 10' 8wt, and it has a wf9f salt-h2o line on it. I was contemplating putting one of the new 'nymph' or 'indicator' lines on my 7wt switch after I've completed it. I DO love me some indicator driftin'! But also plan on doing some blind casting on the surf. What do yall think about these types of lines paired with the new switch series? I thought the new series was designed to throw 'conventional' lines... Can I really not do any spey casts with them? Or is there maybe one line that I could get that would do both types of casts? It's a lot to swallow but... Please help! (fyi- I'm a bit spey illiterate)
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    They are an amazing thing, in that you can do spey fishing with them. Also they are very versatile in many things like short line nyphing and you can cast lines you may already have. I sell spey lines designed for the IF108X-4 (all series) in Scandi and Skagit. They were designed and built for the rod by Steve Godshall of Speywerks of Medford Oregon. The cost $55 plus shipping and they work great. They also come with running line attached. For more information, call Larry Lee/L3rods at 916-962-0616.
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    I've had pretty good luck fishing single spey flylines for both single and double hand rod presentations. Got the secret from the G Loomis Pro Staffers a few years ago.
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    Default Lines and rods of the past...

    In the early 90's I spent a whole summer camping and fishing on the Olympic Peninsula Rivers. I purchased a Powell 10'6" 7 wt with a 6" extended fighting butt. This rod was the "Switch Rod" back then. I shopped at the "Swallows Nest" in Seattle back then and Dan Lemaich worked there at that time.

    He hand spliced a line for me consisting of a running line, an oversize floating midsection and a tapered sinking tip. It rolled, cast double spey, single spey, and shot like a dream for a short rod. The other choice he steered me to was a 1 line size overweight Lee Wulff Triangle taper with a few feet trimmed from the tip. Never did I need anything else. I still use the same formula's for my sink tip and have yet to find a more versatile floating line than the Triangle Taper. Dan was working at the Creekside Angler in Issaquah last I saw him.
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