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    I have a Rainshadow RX7 switch rod.I picked up a Cortland 444 change a tip line.The line is a 6/7.Is this line suited to this rod or should I go for something else.Middle of winter here now,so I have no way of trying the line.The rod by the way is a 7 wt. Thanks

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    Default it depends

    I built that blank and it depends how you want to fish. I built mine to fish down and accoss, somewhat large flies and sink tips. I tried a few different skagit lines and found a Rio Skagit Short 375 grain line to work best for this rod. I use it with Rio MOW tips (the light ones--T-8). 400 grains was too heavy for this blank, IMO.

    If you're going to use this rod in a nymphing capacity with strike indicators, my line recommendation above would not be the best choice.

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    Came back about a month ago from the Kvichak River in Alaska, was fishing for big Iliamna rainbows.
    A gentleman I fished around about half the time was fishing a Wullf Triangle Taper single spey line with long poly leaders of different sink rates. The rod was overlined 1 ro 2 weights, but honestly I don't remember by how much.
    Nice rod, quite different from my Dan Craft 10 ft 7 wt switch, so I don't know if my line system would also work.

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