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    Default Kenai back bouncing rod blank review

    Currently Batson doesn't have any blanks marketed as backbouncing blanks. I called Karry last year to talk about a suitable 2 piece blank to buildi into a backbouncing rod for Kenai kings using 2 to 8 ounces of weight. He suggested a SW967F.

    Long story short, I built the rod using Alps XBXNLG guides, graphite tube rear and forgrips and put it to the test this summer. I compared it against a GLoomis BB965 I built a several years ago. This particular Loomis rod was my favorite Kenai bouncer for years--I was always having to take it away from my buddies as it was that good.

    However, I found that as years passed, I was a little disappointed in the 965 for a few reasons. First, it's one piece; most good back bouncing rods are, but I wanted a two peice for the convience of being able to easily get it to the Nushagak. Second, as I became more proficient at backbouncing I found myself using lighter leads; the 965 seemed to be a little overkill at times with its stout tip. Third, the 965 was a little too responsive and stiff when I got a really aggresive, hard bite and I'd end up overreacting and pull the bait away before the fish really had it. I also nearly had it yanked out of my hand a few times, leaving me in an awkward position and unable to set the hook with authority. So I decided to try to build something that was 2 piece, with a slightly softer tip but enough butt section to stand up to the Kenai's fish.

    I used the SW967F for a couple trips on the Kenai and Nushagak this summer, paired with a Revo Toro 61 and 65 lb braid. It performed very, very well. It handled fish to the low 40 lb range with no problem. I don't have any doubt that it will be able to handle any fish in the Kenai. Being a two piece rod my have affected its sensitivity a little compared to the Loomis rod, but it was still plenty sensitive to feel the bottom and any bites, no matter how soft they were. Kenai king bites are rarely soft anyway, so sensitivity wasn't really an issue. I especially liked the fact that the tip was a little softer than the 965. Sometimes in the Kenai, due to the size of the fish and the often heavy current, the bites are anything but soft. The softer tip actually made it easier to hold on to the rod in these hard bite situations and seemed to prevent me from accidentally pulling the bait away from the fish.

    I mentioned that the tip is softer than the 965. It is, but it's not too soft. With backbouncing, there is often a fine line between stiff enough and not stiff enough. Personally, I really like how the SW967 performs. They do offer this in a one peice version too if you don't need the convenience of a two peice blank.

    In summary, I am posting this because I'm sure some of you are looking for a chinook back bouncing blank. This blank passed the test for me. If I build another one the only thing I'd do differently is that I'd wrap it as a simple spiral.
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    here is a good recipe for that blank

    Blank Model #

    Butt cap:

    Rear Grip:
    WHGRY-12 USE WITH wbbc AND wbec AND 3X whka

    Reel Seat:


    Winding Check:


    Tip Top

    1st guide from tip top

    2nd guide from tip top

    3rd guide from tip top

    4th guide from tip top

    5th guide from tip top:

    6th guide from tip top:

    7th guide from tip top:

    8th guide from tip top:

    9th guide from tip top:

    Guide spacing Specs(inches from tip, center ring over mark)
    Adam Hansen
    Sales Consultant
    Batson Enterprises, Inc.
    Phone: 877-875-2381
    Fax: 360-683-3579

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    Have made a few of these blanks as a "Do It All" rod for the Columbia River and other NW river for a few years now. Handles all salmon and any legal and a bit bigger sturgeon with no problems.

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