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    Default Help with line Please!

    Building a 1088 4pc switch rod need help with line for swinging. Would the Rio skagit short in say 375 be okay or should I go with the 425? I also have not ruled out the Sa single hand stuff either but don't know what grain to get. Thanks for your time

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    Default 8wt Switch

    I've have the same rod for about a week now and I would say go with the Rio 375. While shopping for a line, I got to test an Airflo Skagit Compact 420 with a long sink tip on it and it felt a bit heavy although I was making 60-70 foot casts with it,(singles, doubles, snake rolls and snap-t) I think I may have been overtaxing the blank. Remember, you're adding grain weight with a sink tip. I happen to like the Airflo lines and settled for Aiflo Compact 390. They also make a 360 grain line. The Manufactures recommended grain window is: 210 to 440.

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    I guess rio skagit 375 will be okay if its 1080 4pc switch rod..

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