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    Default Guide placement for saltwater all purpose blank

    Looking for guide placement (preferably a spiral wrap) recipe for a SWB70XH. Any assistance much appreciated

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    Rod Blank Model # SWB70XH
    Butt cap: AXG25-S 25mm Gimbal
    Front Cap:
    Rear Grip: BST10-750 10 INCH REAR eva COULD ALSO USE Slick 10 as well
    Handle Arbor:
    Reel Seat: CAH24M-S Alps Aluminum seat
    Reel Seat Shim
    Foregrip: BSFS14-.625-.750 14" FORE GRIP
    Winding Check: BH11
    Tip Top XPPZT10R14.0
    1st guide from tip top XXNZG10
    2nd guide from tip top XXNZG10
    3rd guide from tip top XXNZG10
    4th guide from tip top XXNZG10
    5th guide from tip top: XXNZG12
    6th guide from tip top: XXNZG16
    7th guide from tip top: XXNZG20
    8th guide from tip top: XXNZG25

    Guide spacing Specs(inches from tip, center ring over mark) 3.75-7.75-12.25-17.25-23.375-30-37-45

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    Thank You!

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