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    Hey all. New to the forum. Looking for guide spacing chart and any other build opinions and components ideas for the xst1324f blank. Thanks, eric

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    Hello Eric,

    First off, welcome to the forums. Your build is pretty interesting...are you planning on a cast or spin rod? I've included both recipes.

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    Name:  spin.jpg
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    Thank you for the speedy reply. I'm building this as a spin rod. I had a similar rod stolen this summer so I'm finally getting around to replacing it. A friend originally built it for Great Lakes salmon drifting in Michigan, but proved to be a little heavy for all day use. I used it for virtually all types of fishing, even landing a 54" lake sturgeon from Minnesota's St Croix river and several other current living species. I'm hoping the action will be similar. Great sensitive tip with lots of reserve power in the butt

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