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    Default Chances of Batson offering a FAST ACTION 8 foot Immortal MH /H blank in the future ?

    Wanted to know if Batson would seriously consider this , i think it would be a huge seller as Batson doesn't seem to have an Inshore blank offering a fast / extra fast action that so many hardcore artificial bait anglers love.

    Something to compete with the Avid Inshore and Tidemaster Inshore 7'6 and 8 foot (FAST) action blanks.

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    Every company rates the "Action" a bit differently. So the other companies FAST could be a mod-fast in our ratings (we don't have those rods here to know).

    The Revelation 8-foot popping blanks are quite popular, though we really haven’t had requests for a FASTer action than what we currently offer..
    You can extend the handle on the Immortals and get it to about 7’10”

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    Thanks for the response .

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