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    Default Guide spacing help

    I'm new to this site and new to rod building, and learning by the day. I am building a rod on an Immortal blank. (IMMC68M) Can anyone give me some info on guide spacing that may be close for a starting point? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Sorry we missed this one.

    Guide Placement - In inches from the tip top
    1st BFUG06 3.5"
    2nd BFUG06 7.125"
    3rd BFUG06 10.875"
    4th BFUG06 14.75"
    5th BFUG06 18.75"
    6th BFUG06 23.125"
    7th BFUG06 27.625"
    8th BFUG06 32.5"
    9th BUDUG07 37.625"
    10th BUDUG08 43.625
    11th BUDUG10 50"

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