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    Looks good from what I can see.

    What was the most challenging part of building your first rod?

    When is the next build?

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    Mostly just trying to get the epoxy even on the wraps. Have to much on some of the top guides. Also pulling through the thread when finishing the wrap. Some of them made a big bump in the wrap. From what I hear using metallic thread for my first build probably wasn't the best choice. But it turned out well enough. And where I fish is pretty hard on gear so it will get used hard.

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    That and reaming the cork. The butt section is a little off center. So the buttcap hangs over on one side a little bit. I've caught a couple steelhead the last 2 days on this rod and its awsome. And I finally got a new bolt for my center pin so I'll be fishing with that in the morning. The reel seat doesn't move and the guides haven't fallen off yet. Also I'm glad I added some lead to the butt of the blank in top of the weighted butt. Slightly over 3oz all together.

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