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    Default Rod Room Build

    Different kind of post here. I plan on documenting the making of my rod room; installation of desks, storage, lathe, equipment and lighting, in hopes of getting feedback during the process.

    A bit about the place....we bought our house about 4 years ago and this room (which is in the walkout basement) became the "storage" room. Its full of boxes that haven't been opened since we moved, old furniture, kids toys, and other junk. When I say full, it is full except for a bit of clearing in front of the freezers and furnace.

    I've been doing a lot of research and looking at similar layouts; mainly looking at garage layouts and trying to pull ideas from those. I've seen a few rod rooms, but not many. I've decided to go mainly with Gladiator Garageworks products and am slowing ordering items. I am also trying to stick to a budget of $2500 so I've been waiting for items to go on sale.

    So without further intro, here is the room layout.

    Please feel free to give me your opinions and recommendations.


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    Two 8' adjustable height benches are up and the lathe is put together. I have two power strips that I have yet to install on the back of both benches. Benches are set to the height comfortable sitting in the bar stools or standing.

    On each side of the dropdown on the ceiling are going 30" wall cabinets. I'm waiting on slat walls to come in to install the cabinets.

    Inside the cabinets are 2 movable shelves. So far I am happy with the quality and construction from this mfg.

    Hopefully other items will be coming in soon.

    Stay tuned.


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    Delivery guy came today and dropped off this 52" roll around chest with rubberwood top.

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    The size and number of drawers is pretty good. I'll be using this to hold supplies as I get them in.

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    I had originally planned to put another bench against this wall and may have to rethink how the layout is and where this chest is going to end up. I'm slightly embarrassed to say its a lot bigger in person than what I thought it was going to be.

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    Some of the other items have also come in. I've gotten all the Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets in that will be going under the workbenches, a 6' workbench and the slatwalls. I've got a lot of work to do.

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    Slatwalls up...

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    Wall cabinets up and power strips on the back of the benches...

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    Flex coat rod dryer fits on the slat walls nicely...

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    Accessories and RTA floor cabinets in...

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    Another workbench and some storage are next.


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