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    Default Measuring for an exposed blank reel seat

    I'm looking to get an MVT16-IC reel seat for an RX8 XST1263F, I plan to have a CTRG14-375 rear grip. What is the correct place to measure for this style of reel seat.

    When I measure just ahead of the rear grip the blank measures 13 mm and based on the published length of the reel seat the measurement of the blank is 12.5 mm from the top of the rear grip to where the top of the real seat would be.

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    You will need to measure the area that will have the largest diameter. This will be just ahead of where the rear grip is with a tapered blank. However, you will need to consider the OD that is most comfortable for the user as well as the reel seat fitting the reel being used. A spinning rod will usually have a larger reel seat than a casting rod.


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