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    Default Back at It....Here Crabbie Crabbie Crabbie

    Most marine areas here in the Puget Sound have reopened for the winter Dungeness crab season.

    I've usually never bother with winter season as I am fat and happy with, and quite frankly sick of shelling, crab. However, this summer I haven't been able to get out crabbing that much so the wife gave me my marching orders.

    Myself and a couple friends ignored the small craft advisories and took my 19' Weldcraft into some sporty stuff. A few of the bouys took three passes to get to because it was so rough. That or I couldn't see the line with all the water coming over the bow of the boat. Glad we limited out because it was work. If someone sees a spleen floating out there, it's mine.

    More crabs await tomorrow.

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    Nice haul. Definitely rough weather to be going out there on Saturday.

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