With the closure of coho season here in the PNW, its never to early to start preparing for the short Halibut season. I started tying up sliders and leaders already. We use these in place of metal spreader bars and they've proven themselves time and time again. These have been the best upgrade to my Halibut gear right behind purchasing my Tanacom Bull for those deep drops out near the C closure.

Sliding weight leaders are with 300# tuna cord, 200# swivel to mainline, 200# snap swivel for hook leader, and 150# snap swivel for weight, finished off with loop protectors and aluminum crimps. I have 30# mono loops on all my weights so that I don't end up losing everything when snagged up.

Hook leaders are from 150# Seaguar Fluoro, 9/0 Gamakatsu hooks, and 7-1/2" squid skirt.

Egg Loops with 150# were a bit more manageable than 200#. Finished with Clear Cure Goo Thin and cured with a UV light.

Good color selection to drape over herring or salmon bellies.

What are you preparing for?