“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the industry for the partnerships we have. We have been truly blessed with the growth and the support. We are very excited about the future and the expansion of both the industry and our partnerships. We will continue to strive for innovation and produce the best quality products for generations to come.” CEO-Bill Batson

Batson Enterprises is committed to enhancing fishing experiences. With our vast array of product lines, there are many combinations available to customize any rod build. Batson Enterprises has refreshed and focused our attention towards our various brands. This will allow all customers to easily differentiate each of our branded labels. Rather than grouping everything under the Batson Enterprises name, we have created individual identities for all of our brands. This will allow us to simplify specific marketing, service, and distribution plans. Focusing our marketing on each brand allows for a complete and engaging strategy, it also allows each brand to be marketed correctly. This will provide the perfect user experience for every customer that is easy yet thorough when selecting the precise components and the perfect blank!This directly translates into striving for excellence in every aspect and we will not settle for anything less.As a family owned and operated company, a personal relationship with our customers is everything to us. We want the freedom to offer the best prices, the best product, and the best customer service. To better service the industry, we will do our best to educate any level of fisherman on the ins and outs of custom rods, customizing current offerings, and rod building. Resulting and reassuring any customer will feel comfortable with obtaining the perfect rod and perfect components to fit every fishing situation. Increased time and effort has been put in specifically to improve and to achieve these goals. Of course we cannot do this alone. Together Batson Enterprises and you, our customers, will create an experience like no other. Hence under this new strategy, all rod blanks will be under the RainShadow label. All components will be featured under the labels of ALPS and ForeCast.

Batson Enterprises has implemented new digital and print strategies for each of its brands to enhance everyone’s user experience. We have created a new master brochure/catalog featuring 274 pages to not only help educate everyone on our products, but simplify the end-user’s goal to build the ultimate rod! New individual websites have been created for each of our labels. The new information including: new websites, new products, and the new catalog will go live to the general public on July 16th, 2014 and ICAST 2014. We will be announcing all of this on our social media outlets, websites, forums, and all other forms to make this launch a huge success! Batson Enterprises is committed and looking forward to providing the best user experience to both of our end users and our customer.

Please visit: www.rainshadowrodblanks.com and www.alpsforecast.com