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    Default Bubbles in Finish

    This is basically for new builders. If you are getting bubbles in your , this can be caused by a couple of things to cold of finish, to fix this problem you can stick the bottles in warm water for about 3 minutes or put them in the Microwave for 15 seconds. When measuring I use a syringe ( get a better measurement (to much Hardener the mix well never set up, Too much Resin the mix well set up to fast. Now for bubbles this is generally caused by whipping the mix to fast. What I have found that works for me is to slowly fold the mixture for 3 minutes. Then pour the mix into some Aluminum foil. or into a Aluminum pie tin and let it cover the bottom of the tin. If you see a lot of bubble lightly blow on the mix, Carbon Dioxide well break the break the bubble. Apply in thin coats. If you see bubbles on the wrap Lightly blow on it, You also can use some heat from a Bubble Buster or Alcohol lamp. Never use a lighter, this can cause the finish to absorb carbon dust from the flam. Bubbles can also come from trapped air in the thread. To help prevent this I recommend Packing the thread tight (I did not say wrap it tight) after the packing now burnish the thread. Do this in one direction Towards the closing ends of the wrap. If you Burnish back an forth this can cause the treads to Micro. gap and unless you use a magnifying glass you well not see the gaps until the finish has dried and magnifies the wrap. Another way is to apply3 light coats of CP
    Good Wraps Bob
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    Good post!

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