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  1. Default Batson 1087-4 Switch rod line?

    So I am a little confused on the line for my new switch rod I am building. I plan on doing indicator fishing with nymphs and egg patterns. I am looking at the Airflo Speydicator line. My question is do I go with the 7wt line or a lighter line given how Batson rates their rods? The 7wt Speydicator is rated as 490gr while the 5wt line is 350gr.

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    This is the grain windows for the Switch blanks.
    Model Low Grain Window High Grain Window
    IF1085-4M 140 280
    IF1086-4M 160 330
    IF1087-4M 185 380
    IF1088-4M 210 440

    Batson Also has fly lines in Scandi in Scandi Style here http://www.
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    Checking to see if you got all the info you needed? Also check out our new websites: and

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